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Cocktail Ring Options and Features

If you enjoy dressing up and attending parties, you may always be on the lookout for cocktail rings that go with certain outfits. The right accessories can really make your overall ensemble stand out. Cocktail rings are at the height of the fashion industry. Many celebrities wear them to help accent their outfits and enhance [...]

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Titanium Wedding Rings for Stylish Guys

I got married in June of 2004 and I bought my husband a 14k gold wedding band. It was good for a couple of years but then we started to notice it was bending. He got a new job and he came home one day and walked up to me and said hunny we have [...]

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The Best of American Brands: Stamper Harley Davidson Jewelry

Near the gold mines in Black Hills in Rapid City, South Dakota, a man named Ed Stamper founded a jewelry shop. The Stamper Jewelry Company used gold from the Black Hills gold mines for their jewelry pieces and finished using a special finishing technique called wriggling. Another trademark of the Black Hills style jewelry is [...]

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