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Let’s Choose Omega

The very first patented juicer to utilize the famous LSTS (Low Speed Technology System) method is the undeniably popular Omega VRT350 HD. This method is completely different from the standard masticating method. The LSTS method allows the masticating or slow juicer to extract the maximum amount of vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and amino [...]

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Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Putting cottage cheese in pancakes sounds gross, but it actually tastes good. Cottage cheese pancakes are tender but still taste great with butter and syrup. They turn out similar to basic pancakes. If you’re too scared to try a new homemade pancake recipe, stick with your regular recipe. This is only for the most adventurous [...]

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Loving Curry Enough to Grow It

I love curry and simply enjoy the taste of it. It has always been among my favorite kinds of dishes, and also a favorite of the entire family. Whenever we can, we always try to include curry-based dishes, and it is always a festive atmosphere within the family whenever that happens. It was just one [...]

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