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Can books really change your life

Can books really change your life? My opinion is definitely yes. When you read books you have unique opportunity to look into another person’s mind and gain very valuable information about perspectives of life and you start being able to see what other people have done to reach certain things and it becomes easy to [...]

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Alice in Wonderland from a Man’s Perspective

Consider the Alice in Wonderland story as a thought for a great party. In a bid to be unique, spotlighting the story from a man’s perspective might be fun.   A Queen of Hearts costume along with the matching King of Hearts costume would have a host and hostess ready to go! The perky characters [...]

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Battlefield Earth Saga the Year 3000

The author of Scientology is not just well known for the religion he has founded but also because of his prolific works in the field of literature. He has written novels and books and among his most revered works is the novel Battlefield Earth a Saga for the Year 3000. Set in the year 3000 [...]

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