Are you a wall-crawling fan of Spider-man? Who wouldn’t be, these days/? The web headed super-hero has seen his popularity and recognition among fans rise to unprecedented heights in recent years, reaching a plateau that has only been previously scaled by Superman and Batman. This is probably thanks to the blockbuster movies that were made based on Spider-man during the last decade. Each was a mega-hit in the box-office around the world. Such success ensured that Spidey has reached audiences that were new to him and his story, new fans that were previously unaware of his status in the comic book industry where he originated from. In doing so, he has easily transcended into another genre, and shown that he is equally capable of success there as he was in the comic books.

What’s not to like about Spider-man anyway? The character’s story, most especially, attracts and draws fans to read the comic books, watch the movies, and buy all the other merchandise that’s based on him. A nerdy high school kid who became an unlikely super-hero after being bitten by a irradiated spider and then realizes the responsibility that comes with that power is a great story. And the everyday struggles with ordinary life, school, and relationships have made him very easy to identify with.

There are so many new toys that are now based on Spider-man that kids are surely having a great time of it. One of the best and latest is the USB missile launcher that has his figure on top. It can launch up to three missiles that can be launched up to ten feet. To operate,
software for USB Spiderman launcher

is needed. It would allow the one who is at the computer to actually manipulate the launcher and fire at unsuspecting victims who are within range. The USB launcher software allows for total control over the onlinecasino online