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Entries for September, 2011

Is There Really Any Need for Pet Insurance?

It is sad to think that many pet owners out there do not believe that insurance is necessary when caring for their pet. They are willing to give the pet all the food, clothes, and affection that it needs, but not health protection. That is a bit absurd, considering that health is the number one [...]

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3D TV Has Truly Arrived

The trend today in television technology is a push for creating more realism. Customers want more of everything. They want better picture quality and vividness, more detail and to listen to better surround sound. This means the next evolutionary step for this is 3D TV. These will allow the customer to view pictures that literally [...]

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Jamaican Black Castor Oil; know all about it

Jamaican black castor oil, the production of which started centuries ago from castor beans that were brought to Jamaica by African trade. This was the time when people discovered the amazing effects of castor oil on their body, particularly hair. To obtain the black castor oil organic beans are roasted and then ground which makes [...]

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