With a variety of patterns and colors, berber carpet tiles offer a large range of decorating options. The tiles have adhesive on the backing of the carpet for easy installation. Homeowners have the luxury of mixing and matching colors or patterns to create a unique carpeting cover for the floors of their home. Berber is known for quality carpet and is comfortable to the feet. It is also available in various prices to accommodate every budget.

Benefits of using sections of a berber carpet tile compared to a roll of carpet are flexibility of design and ease of replacement in the case of damage. Mixing colors of the tile allows for a checkered design or placement of a diamond or square shape into the overall floor covering. One color can be used and by turning alternating tiles one quarter turn creates an interesting design.

Loops in berber weave make air pockets, which make an insulated flooring to assist with regulating room temperatures. They also help provide comfort to the feet. The loops range in sizes, which will affect the overall appearance of the carpet. A small loop will create a conventional look. The larger loops help to create a look of shaggy carpeting. This style of weave creates a need for daily vacuuming. Regular scheduled cleanings will help to maintain the appearance of new carpet.

Another benefit to the loops in the weave is the strength of the tiles of carpet when they are firmly attached to the backing. The toughness of berber weave makes for a floor cover that will last for many years and withstand a lot of walking, jumping, running or indoor exercising.

Be creative with your patterns and colors and design to suit your needs and is also unique to your home and decorating style. Patterns can be alternated by placing one tile in one direction and then placing the next tile turned in a different direction to design the room. Different colored tiles may also be alternated for checkered looks or by laying one solid color and placing another color in a large diamond or square shape in the room. Mostly one color may also be placed in a room with random placement of a different color. There is no limit to your imagination.casino onlinecasino online